We provide the following services

  • Mediation (specializing in employment law, workplace issues, and personal injury)
  • Negotiation
  • Arbitration
  • System Design
For more than thirty years, Linda Lazarus has focused on conflict and how best to resolve disputes.
As a litigator (trial and appellate level), an adjudicator (arbitrator and hearing officer) and mediator, Ms. Lazarus profoundly understands the financial and other consequences of using the traditional legal process for dispute resolution. She also understands the special importance of quickly and sensitively resolving workplace issues before such issues negatively impact the functioning of an organization as a whole. Moreover, after years of serving as defense counsel to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and the District of Columbia, Ms. Lazarus understands the needs of organizations that are named as defendants in personal injury and other actions.          Read more about Linda Lazarus